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Give teams the tools they need to take ownership of their work story,
and strengthen social connections with those they work with.

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Own your story

We give people the power to own how they are perceived by those they work with. Mo provides them with the platform to share more about themselves, what they care about, what they’ve achieved, and what they’re proud of. It enables people build their work story, showcase their best work and learn more about their colleagues.

Curate what others can see in a vibrant profile. Include a bio and headline, occasions like your birthday and work anniversary, links to social profiles, work preferences & interest.


Search for any colleague that you work with, get to know them and discover opportunities to connect with them in meaningful ways


Present yourself at your best by highlighting specific things that you’ve been involved in that are meaningful to you. Showcase a curated view of yourself and your experience of work to others in a beautiful way

Connect to others

Work is a shared experience, and we’re in this together. Staying close to what others are achieving, the things that they’re proud of and their contribution is incredibly powerful. Continue to build your knowledge and strengthen those relationships that are important in your journey.
Moments Feed

Keep your finger on the pulse of what is important to your team and connect with them over the occasions, achievements and celebrations that shape their experiences at work


Provide a dedicated way for people to share how much they value the people they work with every day, with structured & periodic feedback campaigns, and celebrate those moments together. Read stories about you at your best, understand your strengths & boost their visibility


Encourage and express appreciation, celebrate success and elevate how valued people feel through personal and meaningful rewards. Create a custom store filled with opportunities for people to thrive and simple ways for people to know you care

Take control

We enable leaders to focus on what matters most, inspiring their team. We surface the things that matter most with advanced insights and integrations, and save you time with automated workflows.

Empower your people, create consistency in the experience & control reward spending with advanced budgeting & spend reporting


Understand who the most connected people in your team are, the values people demonstrate & how inclusive your culture is


Automate data management to enhance the experience & improve reporting. Connect Mo to your favourite tools like Microsoft Teams & Slack


We treat your data with the respect it deserves with ISO27001 certification & GDPR compliance